Week 6 – Chassis design and breakdown

When designing the chassis, there were four main constraints;

  • The first was that the design could be manufactured without many long winded and expensive processes
  • Secondly I had to ensure that it would fill all requirement set by the client
  • Thirdly it should meet the requirements of the parts that my team will be designing i.e. mounts for electric component boxes, camera mounts and other components
  • Lastly it needed to be updated to any extra specifications will be supplied with when Babcock visited

With those restraints in mind, the final design is this:


The frame has all the mountings for the prop housings, servo housings, and serves as a platform to mount all the components. 

The chassis has been designed to allow the ROV to rotate on the spot, this will facilitate maneuvering in tight spaces and has allowed the design to be a bit larger which will allow it to have more space for the electronic components.

The camera mount will be placed in the middle of the chassis and we are currently working on the design for this. The image bellow shows an example for the camera mount. camera-mount

The camera would be mounted on this which will rotate to allow the users a better view of the object being inspected


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