Transmission and Sensors – Week 4

This week we focused on finding the best way to transmit data/communicate between the ROV and the team stationed on the dock. We also looked at what we think would be the most important sensors to use within our ROV.

We found a variety of ways in which we can communicate with the ROV however a few of the methods found would not be feasible to use. We narrowed it down to two methods we planned on testing:


We were going to select low frequency transmission however we found that all Radio Controlled Models in the UK are only permitted to function under a specific frequency. This is to prevent interference with other devices such as radio broadcasts. This limited us to using a buoy for communication.

The sensors we think are the most suitable for use on the ROV are:

A Magnetic Sensor –  This will allow us to calculate the direction in which the ROV facing effectively acting as a compass.

Gyroscopic Sensor –  This would help by determining the orientation of the ROV when it is underwater.

Proximity Sensor – Proximity sensors would allow us to detect when an object is within a certain range of the ROV. 

Pressure Sensor – This will allow us detect the depth at which the ROV.


2 thoughts on “Transmission and Sensors – Week 4

  1. Encouraging to see the disussion on communication with and control of the ROV. For communication how did you narrow down to two options? Did you put together a selection criteria/matrix?

    For your sensors: How do you plan to locate where the ROV is in with regards to latitude or longitude not just depth?


    1. The team evaluated every option thoroughly to ensure that the method we use is the most efficient and the one that works the best. We have just done a successful test on working out the depth from the pressure in a force resistor however we still have not fully thought of latitude and longitude, we are currently investigating and evaluating different ways of achieving this. Our initial idea is just to display a coordinate with the controller as a datum point. This will determine where the ROV is in relation to the controller in a 360 degree map. The values with show in 3 axis, X,Y,Z.


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